FREE SUPER 8 iPhone App!!

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Bad Robot and QMx present: Super 8™. Try out this amazing new iPhone app on iTunes - FREE for a limited time!!

SUPER 8 iPhone App

Create old-school Super-8 style movies on your iPhone, upload them to YouTube, and then share them on our Fan-made Video Page!

SUPER 8 iPhone App Screenshots


This super cool app also comes with some hidden Easter egg features! Once you record videos, the app embeds frames from clips from the "Super 8 Editing Room." When you see one, you can tap on it to "save" the footage. If you do this several times, you can put the footage together to see an exclusive clip from Super 8!

During the process of gathering the clips, they will be stored in "Found Footage." Sounds mysterious right? Trust the masters of viral marketing to incorporate interactive iPhone app to advertise for their movie!

Will you be trying it out for a look at Super 8 early? Tell us what you find when you play with the app!

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