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Beastly 14 Beastly 14 4 September 2011

Super 8 Review

I'm going to give this film 4.5/5 on the rating scale. Overall the movie was phenomenal and easily the best movie of the summer, but some moments are really predictable and clearly a homage to Spielberg's classics. Other than that, every moment made me think I want to be a kid forever, which is a good thing. (SPOILERS AHEAD) My favorite parts where when they are in the tunnel and Joe tells the monster that "even if bad things happen, you can still live". Now that, to me, is one of the bests movie lines ever. It was so touching, and it really spoke to my heart.

I find it strange that most critics hated the ending, I loved it. Even though it was a lot like the E.T. ending, it still was amazing. Especially when the ship flies off into space an…

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Beastly 14 Beastly 14 3 August 2011

'Cooper' V. 'Clover'

Alright, here's the bottom line: who would win if 'Cooper' and 'Clover' got in a fight (if they were the same size)? Well, here's what I think: Cooper; cause he's more robust and powerful, and with 8 legs, he's pretty agile. But his real advantage is intelligence: he could read Clover's mind, know her plan, and counteract. And if he wanted to, Cooper could just escape with his speed. And Clover's only defense is swatting its tail. But Clover could also puff out his weird big ears and startle Cooper, then make a fatal bite in a vital place. Clover is also really skinny, so it's probably not strong. Anyway, Cooper wins. Comment and tell me who you think wins.

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