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"They will kill you. Do not speak of this. Or else you, and your parents, will die."                                                   Thomas Woodward, to the kids.

Thomas Woodward, portrayed by Glynn Turman, also known as Technician 58 0-42, was one of the scientists at Area 51 and involved in Operation Belttrap.


He was the one that fed the alien meat and

Technician 58 0-42 prepares to feed the alien

was later assaulted by the alien. He tried to help the Alien escape, but failed. He later became a biology teacher at the Middle School of Lillian, Ohio, he had a reputation for being very mean, as Cary mentions that he locked his electric football in his dungeon (a large cabinet where he kept his work on the alien) and was never seen again, and students started calling him Old Man Woodward because he was aging. When the alien was being brought to the facility in Ohio in the train, he drove his truck onto the tracks and caused the massive derailment. He survived and was confronted by the kids in his truck. He pulles out a gun, warns the kids that if they ever talk of the incident, the military would kill them, and their parents. He then tells them to leave,  threatening to shoot them, so they abruptly left. The United States Air Force found him and tried to get ahold of a secret film, but he didn't tell them anything, so Colonel Nelec killed him with a lethal injection.

58 0-42 feeds the alien