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Preston Scott




Mrs. Scott, Joe, Cary, and the rest of Charles' Crew

Preston Scott is a character in Super 8. He is portrayed by Zach Mills.

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Preston (left) being questioned by Jack Lamb.

In Super 8

Preston was staying with Joe and his other friends shooting their zombie film when the train crash happened.

In Charles' movie, "The Case", he plays the owner of Romero Chemical. He also helps with the production of the film, lighting, sound, and general setup. (Confirmation needed)

It can be guessed that Preston is very smart, seeing as how Cary implies that he went to Math Camp during the Diner scene.

He stayed behind at the evacuation camp instead of going with the rest of the boys to save Alice, but complies when he is questioned by Jack Lamb (Joe's dad) as to where Joe and the others are.


"Your obsession with Fireworks-and I'm saying this as a friend-concerns me, and my mother."

Preston to Cary

"Hi Mr Lamb!"


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