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The M113 APC.

The M113 Armored Personnel Carrier, or simply the M113 APC, is an armored personnel carrier designed and used to transport and deploy infantry. During the summer of 1979, several M113 APC is deployed as part of a U.S Army unit that is ordered to capture or kill the rampaging Alien creature that is in the town of Lillian, Ohio.


During the events of the summer of 1979 in the town of Lillian, Ohio, an unidentified Alien was loose in the town, wreaking havoc across the area as he searched for the cubes for his ship. The military wanted to capture him, so they placed the trucks with the cubes out on the surface, so they could lure him in and possibly take him out to capture him. The United States Army was brought in, with troops, Willys Jeeps, M113 APC's and M60 Pattons. The M113 APC was deployed as a mechanized infantry vehicle, to help support the infantry and the other vehicle as a mainline fighting vehicle, armed with three 50 cal. Machine Guns. However the plan failed, as the Alien creature had realized their plans and immediatley returned to its lair to continue to rebuild its ship, the Argus Craft.