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Donny a pothead who works at Olsen Camera and is interested in Jen after breaking up with Karen. He is played by David Gallagher.


Donny: (To Charles) Hey, so how's your sister? The hot one, not the ugly one.

Donny : (To Charles) So, what kind of music does she like? Your sister.

Charles: I don't care, Disco, i guess.

Donny: I can get back to Disco.

Donny: (To Charles) You can have your film back in 6 months.

Donny: (To Cary, Joe, Charles and Martin) Dorks, keep your feet of my car, got it? And no one touches by CB, you got it?

Donny: (To Joe, Cary, Charles and Martin) So, there are rules for being in my car.

Joe: (To Donny) We're going to the school.

Donny: (To Martin) Since when this one became so bossy?

Martin: I don't know.

Jen: (To Donny) Saw you over here and i thought we can kick back.

Donny (To Jen) We-We totally could.

Jen: (To Donny) I asked Charles about you and he said you are a great guy.

Donny: (To Jen) I totally am.