Nelec after the train derailment sequence

Colonel Nelec is a character in the film Super 8 for which he serves as the main antagonist. He is portrayed by Noah Emmerich.

In Super 8Edit

Nelec is a member of the United States Air Force and came to Lillian, Ohio after the train crash to find the Alien and kill it, and also to recollect all the cubes that made up the alien's spacecraft. In the Super 8 comic released before the film's premiere it was revealed that in 1958 he was part of Operation Belttrap, an attempt to capture the alien and it's craft that had crashed on Earth after a detonated nuclear warhead in the upper atmosphere. The retrieval mission was successful and the alien and the cubes were taken to Area 51 where he was tortured by Nelec.

Nelec is a ruthless and cunning Air Force Colonel, who is determined to find the reason behind the Alien's Argus Cubes and hopes to use it as a weapon, and is willing to do anything to accomplish so. For example, he kills Thomas Woodward, a former partner of his who kept information on the Alien from him, and destroys much of Lillian in an attempt to draw out the Alien being. He is also the reason behind the Alien's fear of humans, for keeping it locked-up, torturing it, and experimenting on it for more than 21 years.

Nelec met his end when him and his men were in an army bus heading to base when they got attacked by the alien. After it killed his men, the alien bit Nelec's head off as revenge.

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