Charles Kaznyk
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Charles Kaznyk


Unknown; possibly 14


Mr. Kaznyk (father)
Mrs. Kaznyk (mother)
Jen Kaznyk (sister)
Peg Kaznyk (sister)
Benji Kaznyk (brother)
Kaznyk Twin 1 (twin brother)
Kaznyk Twin 2 (twin brother)
Alice Dainard (friend)
Cary (friend)
Joseph Lamb (best friend)
Martin (friend)
Preston (friend)

Charles Kaznyk is a character in Super 8. He is portrayed by Riley Griffiths,


He is Joe's best friend, and most likely the leader of The Kids. He is bossy, sarcastic, and arguementative. From the making of his short-film throughout the movie, we can see that he is determined and very passionate about what he does.

Family LifeEdit

Charles comes from a fairly large family. In the Kaznyk household, is his mother, his father, two sisters, and 3 brothers. Jen Kaznyk and Peg Kaznyk are his two sisters, Benji Kaznyk is his younger brother, and "the twins" are his identical-twin brothers.

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