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Cary (Ryan Lee) during the scene at the alien's lair.

"I've got nothing against your friends. I like your friends. Except for Cary, who can't seem to stop setting things on fire."                                   

Jackson Lamb to Joe Lamb, referring to Cary

Cary McCarthy is portrayed by Ryan Lee. Cary is energetic, carefree, and mischivious. Cary would hate for anyone to think he's boring. He is a pyromaniac, he takes a deep interest in fire and explosions. While appearing as a scrawny teenager, Cary has many talents hidden up his sleeve.

In Super 8[]

Cary is shown to be one of Joe's friends (presumably from early childhood) and is also mentioned that he tends to light almost everything on fire. He is seen as clever, disobedient and sarcastic, often teasing his friends head on and lighting fire crackers on Charles's "set". He appears along with the gang when they go to a train depot to shoot a scene for their zombie film, but witness the massive derailment of the Air Force cargo train. After the crash the find the driver Thomas Woodward who tells them not to talk about what they just saw. The Air Force come to the site and the kids leave. When the fire starts The Kids convince the Donny, to drive them back to school. After they escaped the bus Joe and Cary go on to save Alice. Cary uses his fireworks as a distraction. After they save Alice, they went to the watertower. They then saw the alien collect all the Argus Cubes to the watertower to create it's ship. After the ship took off , it caused the watertower to fall which he said Holy shit . He and his friends watched the ship leave.