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The cubes that appear in the film Super 8 are actually small pieces of the alien's spacecraft. The cubes are assembled or disassembled via electromagnetism, which the monster can control. When the craft crashed on Earth in 1958 as part of Operation Belttrap , the U.S. Air Force managed to collect his ship as well, and in an incident, they managed to disassemble the ship. They continued to study the alien and the cubes for 21 years until 1979 when they transported the alien and cubes via train. The train crashed and the cubes were spilled. Joe Lamb took one, and the Air Force came and collected the rest of the cubes into red trucks.


The cube Joe took would vibrate on occasion. It finally shot through the wall of Joe's house toward the town's water tower. The Air Force tried to lure the alien with the cubes, but it over-powered them and used his ability to attract all the cubes to the top of the water tower and reconstituted his ship, which he used to finally escape planet Earth.

Previous theories[]

  • When images of the cubes surfaced online before the film was released, some people thought they were alien eggs.