Argus cubes

The Argus Craft, the Alien's Spaceship, was captured by the U.S. Air Force in the late 1950s.

History on EarthEdit

In September 1958 the U.S. Air Force detonated a nuclear warhead in the upper atmosphere during Operation Belttrap under the cover of Operation Argus to send the craft down to Earth. After it crashed in the Southern Atlantic the United States Navy Task Force 88 located the component cube parts of the craft and the alien along with the debris. They captured it and returned to the newly constructed Area 51, a top secret military base in Nevada. The alien was tortured by Colonel Nelec to learn from its scientific knowledge about the cubes and the craft. 1979 the U.S. Air Force closed down a part of Area 51, and transported the alien and the cubes in a train to a secure facility in Ohio. On its way to that base, the train hit a pickup truck leading to a massive derailment caused by Thomas Woodward, a former scientist at Area 51. The Alien escaped the wreck and fled to the nearby town of Lillian, Ohio. The Air Force came to Lillian to find and recapture or even kill it and to collect all the cubes before the alien would do it. However, after the alien created an electromegnetic field around the town's watertower the cubes broke free from the Air Force trucks around the town; the ship reconstructed itself, and the alien escaped from Earth in it.

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