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Alice Dainard




Joe(boyfriend, at the end of the film),

Alice Dainard is a character in Super 8. She is portrayed by Elle Fanning.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Alice is born to Louis Dainard and an unknown mother who left her and her dad at one point. She has long, straight blond hair and is quite rebellious. Alice knows how to drive a car as shown in the movie.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She agrees to become part of the crew to make the film and steals her dad's car, only to find out that the makeup guy is the "deputy's kid". Hard Roller who then shows herself on the platform in the scene for Charles' film. She never budges from her persona on their movie to her persona within long life with her dad, never shares her pain until the scene where she knocks on Joe's window and they sit together and she confesses. Alice is a stoic, but when one thinks that this stoic attitude will break a human, Alice does things and says things extraordinarily human and balanced. Alice is the person who will stand by you, find ways to make everything better and still help you to say goodbye to her without any pain and laugh when you do and leave you with a fulfilment of nourishment that only moments of decent companionship will accomplish. "Alice" exists.


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